Striving for Light, Ukrainian music written in war time. Concert

Chamber choir “Kyiv”Conductor - Mykola Hobdych
Free entrance, but registration is requiredThe number of seats is limited

The program of “Striving for Light” concert features the works of outstanding Ukrainian composers — Valentyn Sylvestrov, Viktoriya Polyova, Hanna Havrylets, Ivan Nebesnyy, Viktor Stepurko - created in 2022 during the perfidious war unleashed by rf against our country. This concert is going to be a world premiere.
Each composer as well as each Ukrainian has their own dramatic story and painful experience of going through the war: this experience is transformed into music to be performed at the concert.  Valentyn Silvestrov wrote his work in an overcrowded refugees’ bus when it took him three days to cross the Ukrainian border. An 85-year-old Valentyn Silvestrov, a world -known composer, had to leave his favorite Kyiv, the city where he was born and had lived all his life.  Viktoriya Polyova, a composer with a world recognized name, was crossing the border of Ukraine on foot for twenty hours on a cold March day. Viktoriya Polyova, a native Kyivan, whose life path and artistic career are connected with Kyiv, also had to leave her home city. 
The works written by Valentyn Sylvestrov and Viktoriya Polyova in a foreign land will be performed at the concert. These works were created after tragic events in Bucha that shoсked the whole world. Composer Hanna Havrylets, the soul of Ukrainian music, was staying in Kyiv from the very beginning of russian invasion. After a recurrent air-raid alert, her heart could not stand it anymore and stopped Hanna Havrylets’ life was cut short in several days after the war began. 
Every Ukrainian experienced such stories full of pain and losses. Composers are able to tell these stories through their Music. The music at the concert is filled with feelings of pain, losses, fury during the war; yet, it radiates Light and Love which are its core. The music in the concert program is manifestation of true nature and character of the Ukrainians - sensuality and emotionality, strength and invincibility, fullness with Light and Love for their country.
Valentyn SylvestrovTears (2023)Songs without words (Prelude, Farewell waltz, Pastoral, Lullaby, Elegy, Morning waltz, Postlude) Victor StepurkoThe Answer Is Simple (2023) (premiere) (diptych on a poem by O. Trokhymenko - Evil times, Empty Song) Ivan NebesnyiRemembering (2023) (premiere) Hanna Havrylets Chorale (2022) (premiere) (Prayer without words) Victoria Poleva Anthem to the Mother of God Gia KancheliLulling of the sun (for choir, Vibraphone, Percussione) Viktor HrytsyshynOy u luzi chervona kalyna Hanna HavryletsPrayer
Old Georgian chantHallelujah
*Municipal chamber choir "Kyiv" was founded in 1990. Artistic director and conductor - Mykola Hobdych, Honored Artist of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, unconditional artistic leader.“Kyiv” choir today holds several professional records:
● “Kyiv” choir entered the Guinness Book of Records due to an absolutely unprecedented case. At the international choral art competition in Ireland - one of the best in the world - the Choir scored 99 points out of the maximum possible 90. In 1997, “Kyiv” choir had a solo concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, which any world star dreams of. 
● The world-famous "Kyiv" choir has held more than 1,500 concerts in more than 20 countries of the world, which can also become a kind of record, has recorded 50 CDs of Ukrainian and world music - this record has not yet been surpassed by any of the choir groups currently existing in Ukraine and abroad. 
● The “Kyiv” Choir performed on the best stages of the world, including the BBC Concert Hall (London, UK) and Notre-Dame de Paris (France).
Free entrance, but registration is required
The number of seats is limited

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